About The Brand

For those who love liberty, grab your board.

American Serfs have a resilient and adventurous spirit that thrives in challenging environments. We're ready at a minute's notice to stand against the self-centered Crown to restore the foundations of liberty that made us who we are.

Who started this


Aloha, big wave serfers. I'm Bloom. Brand strategist and graphic design is my passion. I created the American Serf Shop to be a spirited community of bold, nonconformist liberty-lovers that want to help save America from the great rebrand, while looking good in the process.


Liberty = happiness. We bring the Spirit of ‘76 out in everyone. Our values are the ideas and attitudes that motivates us to act. They serve as our guide for brand behavior.

Radical Hospitality

We serve people with experience based branding that encourages the heart & engages the will. 

Quality Or Death

Give Us Quality Or Death. We source the highest quality products with no compromise. Great design matters.

Fearless Conversations

We promote bold and genuine thought-provoking dialogue that leads to aha moments.  

Revolutionary Passion

We have a conviction to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Daring Responsibility

We stand against tyranny and courageously call for accountability to legislative lawbreakers.

Have Fun

God smiles the hardest when his children are at play. Serfs Up!

Master The Basics

We strive to master the fundamentals of American civics, constitutional liberty, and philosophical world views.

No One Is a Victim

We challenge post-modern ideology that people are inherently racist and helpless victims.

Divine Anticipation

God lives in the now and loves to be in our presence. He is alive and still speaks and does miracles.