What Is An American Serf?

What Is An American Serf?

We are on the road to serfdom. Our elected officials have transformed from servants of the people to an elite oligarchy. We're told that in 2030 we will own nothing and be happy about it. That is the very definition of a medieval serf. Yet this time, it's not happening in feudal England; it's happening in the fields of America.

I went to CPAC in 2022 with a buddy, and after the conference, we visited the JFK museum, where the President was shot in Dallas, Texas. We were standing on the grassy knoll, and my friend wanted to do a live video to ask me what the term "Serf" meant. Below is part of the transcript of our conversation and how I use the American Serf Shop logo T-shirt to start a dialogue about current events. 

The world economic forum on my birthday, aka. Mr. Kyle Schwab released a PowerPoint about their plans to recreate human society worldwide. For years people have said it's a conspiracy, the one world government, the new world order isn't coming to get you. 
And I joke, I say, it's not a conspiracy theory when they make a PowerPoint out of it. This is because they're telling you exactly what their plan is because they know you can't do a damn thing about it.

"It's not a conspiracy theory when they make a PowerPoint out of it."

- Ron Bloomingkemper

There's not a damn thing you can do about it.

It reminds me that we were talking about this movie, Billy Jack. I don't know if you've you've ever seen it. I think it's from the seventies. Go watch Billy Jack. There's a scene in the movie where he's surrounded by local gangsters or town bullies. And they're forcing him into a fight. And he says to the guy, "I'm gonna tell you exactly what I'm gonna do to you. I'm gonna take my right foot and put it on the left side of your face. And you know what? There's not a damn thing you can do about it to stop it." 

This attitude Billy Jack had is the same the World Economic Oligarchs have towards American civilization. They say things like:


  • "You will own nothing, and we will tell you to be happy." 
  • "Think you are gonna keep enjoying red meat? Think again."
  • "Western values will be a thing of the past."

And to show you that you can't do anything about it, We are gonna make a PowerPoint and release it. And then we'll write a book and talk about it all over the world. 

Well, That's A Serf!

When I saw that we would own nothing and be told to be happy, I thought, crap, that's a medieval surf. And so I'm like, the elitists are taking us back to the middle ages on the road to serfdom. 

Serf Walking

Power left unchecked creates serfs.

Ron Bloomingkemper

The oligarchs want their serfs back. That's what's going on. So The American Serf Shop I started as my way of saying, "look, under a Constitutional Republic, we are commanded by God to keep power in check.

America is no longer a Republic

The reality in America is that we're not a Republican anymore. We're also not a democracy, but we are an oligarchy. And we must realize that they gave us a timeline for when all this stuff will change. 2030 is their deadline to see that PowerPoint come to pass. So we have a small window to stand up to these bullies taking Liberty away. 

So I wanted to start designing creative tools and clothing that started conversations about the fundamentals of where we are heading as a nation. So the shirt I'm wearing is our Signature Wave Tee. And people always look at it and say, "You spelled surf wrong." I laugh and tell them do you know what a medieval serf is?

It's an opening that allows you to converse with people without being confrontational. But, like wearing a F*CK Joe Biden shirt detracts people from approaching you. The goal is to have one-on-one conversations with people that may not hold your values so you can talk about current issues. 

American Serf Shop Logo Tee
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That's the purpose of the Serf Shop, to get people talking about fundamental issues that matter. We're an educational streetwear company that teaches the fundamentals of Liberty. But since I'm a graphic designer, I want to design creative tools and apparel that teach others how to effectively rebel against tyranny while having fun. 

So the whole premise of what I'm doing is to go back to the basics to stop The Great Rebranding of America.

I call it the Great Rebranding, The World Economic Forum calls it The Great Reset. Because as a designer, I see it as they're rebranding America. It started when Obama came out and said, "We're gonna fundamentally transform America." And when I heard that, I was like, well, you want to change the core principles of our nation? So what is it fundamentally you don't like about America? 

So this is what we must do as American Serfs; work like hell to reestablish the fundamental forms (Lex Rex - Law is above the King) that gave us our freedom, but without chaos. That's what we're all about.

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