The Two Rules That Will Save Your Life.

The Two Rules That Will Save Your Life.

Behold, Jesus stands at the door and knocks. The real question is who locked him out, and why won't they open the door?

This phrase is from the Bible in the book of Revelation, chapter 3, verse 20. If you've been to church or had someone tell you about Jesus, this is the go-to verse used as an emotional plea for the lost to open their heart. There is only one problem. That verse isn't for the unbeliever. 

If you read the entire chapter in context, you'll see that he is talking to His Church. More specifically, to the Church in Laodicea. It was to a group of believers that thought to themselves, "we are rich and have acquired wealth and do not need a thing." to put it in modern terms, "We have a cool smoke machine, epic lighting, and a sound system that would make the angels jealous." 

The problem is they can't hear Him knocking over the sound machine. And as I was taking notes of Winkie's talk, it occurred to me why does he have to knock on the door of His Church?

That's when Winkie shared his two rules that will save our lives. 

I will give you my two huge rules, Mr. Pratney said as he looked over the crowd of young adults wearing his signature blue shirt and flip-up glasses. They are straightforward. The first one will save you tens of thousands of dollars of theological education. It's the message of the entire Bible in a single sentence. 

Here is the first rule.

God is God. And you are not. And neither am I.

That is such a relief. Some of you think, "I must, I must!" No, you don't. No, you don't. You can't save people. You can't convict them. You can't do any of those things. You're going to have to trust God. Not your visions, plans, or abilities. 

It's a simple thing but so obvious we don't do it. We still think, if I'm going to succeed, then there are these 15 things I have to do. There is a bunch of stuff you think you have to do to make God work with you, but there isn't.

We have to learn to work for Him, not the other way around. If I'm working for a good boss, he will tell me what to do, and if he tells me what to do knowing I can't do it, he's a lousy boss. He ought to know me well enough to understand why he hired me in the first place. Then, if I can't do it, he finds someone else. 

But when God asks me to do something, He knows exactly what I can do. You may not know you can do it, but what you can't do, he will help you. It's His grace that does it. 

Think about Adam; he is doing all these cool things, then he screws up. What happens to Adam afterward? What does he think now that he is fallen? Everything is miserable for him. 

The Bible tells us this is what will happen because you screwed up. The earth turns against you. Day by day, everything will become hard; Isn't that what people experience? Things are falling apart. 

What if God could bring you back to where Adam was before he fell? When you get saved, that is what happens to you. The fall brought self-awareness; salvation brought Christ awareness and the understanding that man is not the center of the universe.

You are not the boss. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

Here is the second rule.

Make it hard on God and easy on you. Because He can afford it and you can't.

This means that every single day you have to do two things. 

  1. Love God 
  2. and trust Him. 

And when you do what He tells you, many things happen: you can't orchestrate, design, or scheme, and you can't plan long-term.

We are trusting someone a lot smarter and a lot more powerful and wonderful. And he gives his beloved Rest. So it's time to open the door and let God be who he wants to be in your life.