E1: The Glasses On The Mind with Winkie Pratney

3d Glasses

The greatest problem in the United States right now is not ignorance. It is in believing things and concepts that are not true. And that can be traced back to your worldview. Or what we call on the podcast: the glasses on the mind.

And among all the multiple shades of "glasses on the mind" that we juggle in modern culture, there are, strangely enough, only three basic ones. And which ones you wear will determine how you live your life and if America prospers or perishes. 

In this episode, Bloom talks with Winkie Pratney. Winkie is a leading authority in popular youth culture and has a background in organic research chemistry. During these past 50 years in speaking to youth, He has authored 15+ published books, like the best-selling Youth Aflame!, The Character and Nature of God, and the book we will discuss in this episode: Healing the Land.

"This generation is standing in a Google ocean, but only at a depth of 5 inches of water."

The Show Outline

We are in a battle of world views. To have a valid reason to be concerned about anything in life outside your own immediate pleasure, you must have a worldview, some sort of moral presupposition.

Plato said before you speak to me, define your terms. 

The definition of a worldview (according to George Barna) is the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual filter by which we understand, interpret and respond to the world around us. Winkie's definition, I think, is simpler: The glasses we wear on our mind when we look at facts.

Inform The Mind: what is a worldview? We discuss the three basic worldviews and define each one in detail.

Enflame The Heart: Ideas have consequences. What we believe affects how we live. We go deep into the three fundamental worldviews.

Engage The Will: I'll give you five fundamental questions to challenge your own worldview and the views of others.

William “WINKIE” Pratney (Born 1944)

After more than three million miles of global travel and having spoken to hundreds of thousands face-to-face and multiple millions via radio and television, Winkie has wide experience in motivating leaders, ministers, educators, and young people. 

Watch Winkie's Incredible Story

Winkie is a mavin: a researcher and public communicator who can take existing ideas, break them down into simpler forms and make them practical and freely available to others. His technical background in organic research chemistry and lifelong involvement with musicians and in the arts has helped him analyze the bottom line of many key areas as diverse as popular youth culture, music, movies, classic and modern revival history, and emerging communication and information technology.

His leadership training for youth workers in Europe, North America, and the Pacific made him an advisor and consultant to church, civic, educational, government, and social welfare leaders on the needs and problems of modern teenagers. 

Winkie Pratney Talking in Microphone
Winkie's New Zealan​​d Studio

A featured speaker and guest on radio and television talk shows in New Zealand, England, Canada, and the United States, his wealth of knowledge combined with a keen sense of humor has made him a favorite among adults and youth alike.

Winkie has authored fifteen+ published books; manuals like the best-selling Youth Aflame!, the contemporary devotional apologetic The Nature And Character Of God (used in Bible schools around the world), books on contemporary and historical issues like Devil Take The Youngest – The War on Childhood, Healing the Land – A Supernatural View of Ecology, Revival – Principles to Change the World, and many other published works. 

Winkie helped helm the groundbreaking international Revival Study Bible, with over a hundred contributors from many church streams. He was the first to contain stories, segments, and studies from 2,000 years of revival, evangelism, and mission history gleaned from multiple nations, callings, and visitations. This is a must-have Bible.

Having spoken in annual leadership training seminars for over four decades and to young people for over five, Winkie has worked with many leading international youth movements, including, Champions For Christ, Chi Alpha, Operation Mobilization, Masters Commission, Teen Challenge, Teen Mania, Youth With A Mission, Youth For Christ, Young Life and Youth Alive. A featured speaker at major conferences, conventions, festivals, and other gatherings, his “scholarship on fire” approach has impacted multitudes around the globe and resulted in the creation or formation of new works to effectively reach, encourage and train young people.

He, his wife Faeona, and his son William are New Zealanders (his son is a US-born dual-citizen) and maintain a permanent residence in Auckland, NZ, and a low organizational profile.

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